Who helps the organization to meet its end goals? It’s obvious that the people that work in the company are the building blocks, without them, the company can never reach its end objective. It’s only because of that handful of people that determines the growth of the organization altogether. When an employee works for any company he not only works solely for its benefits and for meeting personal goals but also he or she is inclined towards the organizational goals at large.

Most of the organization has more than a handful of people than you would think of. Therefore, it should be the company’s headache to keep internal and external communications strong enough. It doesn’t matter if the announcement is big or small it is the responsibility of the staff to make sure every staff member knows about it, “Anything in the sun and the staff should know”. And if your company is planning a move, then it includes developing a full plan which will include a moving checklist. The most important thing to be taken into consideration is “communication” which means how you will communicate this big announcement to your staff and how you will communicate to them while a move. I think you should properly make a strategy about how you will communicate to the staff members and clients about the respective changes that will occur in the move and changes that will be followed in the process.

Prepare a well-defined key message

First of all, you should make a properly defined key structure plan which should include all the important facts about the project. Also, making key messages is not enough. You need to check the understanding of the staff about the key messages and ask them if they have any queries and try to clarify them if they have any too. What should the key message include? A proper key message should include planning, all the important information, new office layout, financial blueprint.

●      Timeline – Make sure you have a proper layout of what is to be done and how things will take place and also what should everyone expect from this movie.

●      Notices – This is quite possible that you have to close the office for one or two days, you should give prior notice to the staff members of closure.

●      New office layouts – All the staff members would be eager to know how their new office will look like. Therefore, you can give them a glimpse of it.

●      Transportation Safety – provide the staff with all the necessary information that they need about the move so that the safety should not be compromised at any step.

Communicate about the move as early as possible

The preparation for an office move should begin quite earlier than expected so that the staff should have enough time to ask questions about the move they have. They should get ample time to get adjusted to the news.

Target communication

There are several teams in an organization that works for different purposes, making sure that each team is receiving the information that they need to know for the move. This will avoid the last minute hassle and chaos.

Provide Support channels

Find positives over the negatives.

We all know how difficult it is to plan an office move and leave all the comfort behind it. Regardless this move can be a golden opportunity for your career. Take a look at the positive rather than looking at what you’re leaving behind. It is truly said that “if you want to achieve something you have to give up something”. Employees should be asked to give suggestions as, what they think about the move, are they comfortable? What are their expectations from the move? Undoubtedly moving as a process isn’t easy and especially when it’s an office move you have to be more careful as there are so many people that are involved in the process. All the staff members should be able to comprehend the need to move and therefore they should know what to do and what not to do. Clarifying each step of the process is what the need of the hour is. Each coin has two sides similarly everything would have two faces one face would reflect positives and another will reflect negatives. Now it’s on you what you want to take.

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