The new normal work-from-home setup has been a limbo of stress, anxiety and exhaustion for many people worldwide. At first glance, it might have seemed alluring to work from the comfort of our homes back in the pre-pandemic era. It gives us the freedom to avoid daily commute costs and stresses, enjoy flexible working hours and do our jobs in cosy clothes. However, almost a couple of years after COVID-19 turned our work and personal lives upside down, the thrill and comfort are gone. 

If working from home has blurred the line between your job and personal life, we’ve gathered a few tweaks to your daily routines in order to help overcome signs of burnout and instead keep your willpower shining throughout the day.

Have a proper diet

Maintain boundaries and limits

You may create a tiny space of your own, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be chic. Just a comfy chair and table will do! Putting on your work clothes may also help set a boundary between your work- and non-work life. Once your shift is over, you can revert into loungewear to turn off your work mode. This also means setting limits by switching off your computer and not answering any work-related calls or messages. By transitioning between work and home mode, you’ll be able to create boundaries and maintain them, thereby reducing stress levels from overworking or working off-track.

Stick to your schedule

A practical schedule may help to maintain a work-life balance. Create a schedule that works for you, and make sure to keep your family members in the loop, so they know when you’ll need time and space for work. Likewise, it’s also necessary to have a head-down schedule to remind yourself it’s time to log out from work and virtually go home. By following a work schedule, you may be able to achieve your day-to-day goals on time. Most importantly, you may have more time to practise self-care and rest well, so you’ll be ready for the next day.

Reduce distractions

Distractions are one of the main factors of experiencing burnout during remote work. Having your family and pets around can quickly get you caught up with juggling work and life demands.

To keep you focused despite the never-ending distractions at home, a few actions you can take are:

  • Encouraging family members not to disturb you during working hours;
  • Using noise reduction earplugs;
  • Taking turns with your family members in child or pet care;
  • Putting your phone on silent mode;
  • Reducing social media engagement.

Take a break

It’s important to include a few breaks in your schedule. Taking time to disconnect from work every once in a while will give you time to stretch your muscles a little, fuel up with snacks, and just have a breather. You may also wish to take a day off if necessary, but not without a backup plan in place. Be sure to use your holiday wisely by doing things that will help with regaining your much-needed motivation and be more efficient for yourself and your employers. These can include meditation, reconnecting with nature, spending time with your loved ones, reading a nice book, or any other relaxing activities that might help you recuperate and recharge.

The Key Takeaway

Fear of job loss is one of our biggest concerns in these trying times. It has us believing that the harder we work, the higher the chance that we can keep our jobs. In that case, many remote workers are influenced to push themselves to their limits as a way of proving their own value to their employers. However, that’s not the case here. The key to productivity and success is making health and wellness your top priority. In turn, the healthier you are, the more productive and less burnt out you’ll be!

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